Hey guys! This is Haim, the virtual wholesaler guy. I just want to come to you with another tip that you can implement for your business. It’s basically for Facebook pages. It’s a tool that you can utilize if for your business to establish credibility to attract buyers or sellers and it’s something that would be easy to set up and can help your business especially when you do it virtually.

So, you want to have two pages, one for your buyers and one for your seller and because again you want the sellers to look at you from one angle which is basically that you buy houses and that’s when they search your company that can find you online and they can learn about you and they can see that you are legit and that you purchase properties that they understand your process that they see a link to your website and it just helps to her credibility especially with salaries because every sellers we search you and one your company name or your name online and Google and they want to see what comes up.

For the sellers side just set something that we buy properties in your city it’s can be in Memphis, New Orleans and Las Vegas wherever you are again you can look at key words just to capture something catchy whether it’s sell your house in Memphis or something like that.

Put a logo, put a picture, put a description about your services and again the typical that we buy houses for cash if you need to sell quickly if you have a job transfer, experience divorce whatever it is just put it in the description and include your website so people can click on it, and it will take them to our website and this is just something easy to set up.

Put again deals that you recently closed the wholesale so they can see that you are legit that you close deals. And again this is just the tip quick tip for setting up if Facebook page to attract sellers believe it or not again I had a seller that again just was on Facebook and he reached out to me, he sent me a message that he wants to sell his house and I process the lives, send I got an appointment and we got the deal done and came from this page.

The second page that you want to set up it’s for your buyers and so you want to put wholesale properties in Memphis or get in whatever city you are in and get instead of properties you can use wholesale houses in Memphis, wholesale homes in Memphis and again just set up put a logo, put a picture and put at the top of the page if you want to buy this kind of properties in Memphis we got it and put the link to your squeeze page and this is my squeeze page if and when I click on it. It will take the potential buyer whoever was on the page to my squeezed page and they.

Need to put their name and e-mail and phone number if they want to get access to my inventory or get notification about future deals and same here just tell you a bit about what you do which is obviously providing wholesale bills with equity to cash buyers and put information about your deals you can market your deals here can just¬† like this one available contracts for sale and what’s cool about it that you can do ad, Facebook ads like this one so right now I get reach out almost forty more than forty five hundred people and it’s very targeted and I have already people who contact me about it and so this is again a great way to get to show your buyers is that you are for real and they can see the type of property that you wholesale, what’s your asking price and just a good way to build credibility with your buyers and also a good way to build your buyers list like I mentioned here and also to market your deals to the walls on Facebook. So, hopefully this has helpful for you it’s beneficial share it with your friends like the page and until next time. take care!.