Hi, this is Haim Mamane, The Virtual Whole Saler Guy. I just want to do this quick video for you and right now I’m in Israel spending the summer with my family but I’m still continuing doing deals so the question is “How can I continue to communicate with the seller, buyers, and team members that are in the U.S. when I’m here in Israel?” and obviously, I don’t want to pay roaming charges that are extremely expensive. So here’s what I do.

I have Skype and I’m getting a local number and you can also get a local number when I say local number it means U.S. number that is virtual and you can have one in every market so I have a 901 in Memphis Tennessee and I have also a 504 number in Louisiana, after I purchase a list and upload a balance, It will charge you 10 bucks and I use it a lot and after you have that with CallRail or any phone system that you use you just have to create a new call flow and every time somebody call the number it will transfer the calls to my Skype number and I’ll be able to pick up the phone and I can run the business from basically anywhere in the world. So I just want to take this quick video to share with you these tips on how you can still take calls while you are away in a different country in completely different time zone, so you just have to get a Skype number it charges with 10 bucks and forward all your numbers that you want to take and phone calls live to your Skype number.

So hopefully that was helpful to you, use these tips and keep taking calls with sellers and buyers while you’re away traveling and enjoying a quality time with your family. Take care and if you want to check more videos, check out The Virtual Whole Seller Guy my YouTube link, my Facebook page, and I plan to share more tips about how to run a virtual business from anywhere in the world. Take care.