So you selected a Virtual Market and now it is time to find Boots on the Ground.

In this Video I am going to show you how to find Boots in the Ground in A Virtual Market for free, to inspect the market for you, to check out a property for you, or maybe to place bandit signs for you, maybe to generate and driving leads for you. You need to find a good solid person to kind of be your eyes and ears on the ground.

If you want to find out a good platform to post the ad, I recommend the Craigslist. There is a place in Craigslist that you can post an ads for free. Usually when you post ads for jobs. You usually need to pay a fee for craigslist. I believe it is fifty bucks or something like that.

I want to show you how to do it. You go to your local craigslist so whenever you plan to hire somebody locally like in my case.

First, you need to open an account then go to your account.

Once you are in your homepage, you will go to New Posting and make sure you are in the city that you want to post the ads in.

-You want to go to  “Go”,
-Then you will check the “Gig Offered”
-I want to hire someone
-and from here you want to check the “Labor Gig”

Usually, the people that will inspect houses and drive for doors and place signs usually look for labor gigs.

-Once you click the Labor Gigs and here it will ask you to place the ad.

The add that I put is pretty straightforward. Title is “Property evaluators flexible hours no experience needed”.  It basically gives them the job duties and how much you pay. I pay two bucks for driving for leads. Fifty dollars if they go and inspect the property. Take fifty or more pictures of the property in addition to a walkthrough video of the interior and exterior of the property. That is what I am going to put in the add. Then I will post.

I am going to show you one that I recently did. You can see I posted the ad on January 19. Less than twenty-four hours, I got twenty plus candidates within twenty – four hours. Maybe forty-eight hours that want to come and potentially work for you. What I do is basically respond with a very basic email like “Thank you for your interest. Please complete this application and click on the link here”. The application is like a podio web form. I want to create a funnel. I want to make sure that it takes them more than just responding to an email. Complete the email. Questions like, “What is your name?”, “What is your email?, phone number, address”?, “How did you find about the position?”.
Basically, ten to fifteen questions just to make them work a little bit. Only people that respond and complete this web form will be considered. I will not speak with anyone who has not completed the application. That means that they cannot follow basic instructions. I do not want to work to people who can not follow basic steps to complete a simple web form.

Hope it helps! That is the tip in how to basically post an ad, create a funnel and send them to a web form to complete. Only then you will go to the next step which will be the phone interview or skype interview.

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Thank you and I am out.