In this video, I am going to share with you why networking with property managers are super important on your virtual wholesaling business.

Hey guys, So in this video I am going to show you how to build your network and more specifically how to build your network of property managers.

Why is property managers are so important to your Business?

First is All about Leverage and adding value:

  1. You need to Leverage other people expertise
  2. Leverage other people contacts
  3. Leverage other people time
  4. Leverage other people’s money
  5. Key people that can help in your venture

-Property managers

-Real Estate Agents

-Local Wholesalers

-Virtual Assistants

In this video I will talk about why it is very important to have Property Managers on your team.

When I said Leverage I do not mean by using them or taking advantage by them. It is basically finding a way to value to each other. You can have a relationship when you help them and they help you through. Basically it i, a win win situation.

Let us talk about Property Managers.

Property Managers are so important to you.

Access to Landlords


***Those landlords/motivated/senior landlords   – Maybe they have evicted tenants, maybe they  have property vacants and just they want to done with it.


***Access to potential buyers to your deals    – In case you have a deal in that area when the Landlord is buying more properties you can reach out to them and ask them if they know landlords in the area that might be interested to buy more properties and buy the deal from you.

  1. They know the market and the area very well – they know the good parts of town, know the neighborhood, good streets. They know the rent value in each area. You need to rely on boots on the ground. They can give you feedback of what is considered a good area or not so good area. Usually, the area that are easier to rent, make sense that they are considered a better area and vice versa.

Where to find Property managers?

***Zillow Rentals   – If you go to zillow homepage, you just click on the “rent”. Tab here in the middle and put one of the zip codes. I will use 38115 and you will see all the purple dots are rentals. If you want you can just click three bedrooms if you target just three bedrooms. If you like property above seven hundred fifty per month or more you can consider that as well. On home type, I like Houses. If you see on the right, these are the lists. You can see here “ Renshaw Property Management and there you go that is the No. and you can paste it on your Callrail Account. You can have your VA text message to this people and start a conversation. You can also fill out the form here. Put your name, phone number and your email. “ Hi, My name is Haim. I noticed that this property is for rent. I was wondering if the owner will consider of selling it instead of renting it out. I am a cash investor out in the area and looking for properties to add on my portfolio”. Your VA can do it for you and can process and generate leads for you. Property Managers needs to be contacted

***Craigslist for Rent Section – This is also a great way to find property managers. Go to Apartment/ Housing. Here you can just put a zip code that you like. You can use same zip code. You can put minimum rent price. If you want three bedroom properties you can update the search. You can see here the Company and Property Managers with their contact information. Give them a call or dropping them with a voice mail, or text messaging them,l or have a VA do it for you.  If you want to email them you can copy and paste the email and do the same and can outsource them to a VA. That is basically the two ways to find.

  1.     Script- Here is the script if you have a chance to call them.


***Hey I noticed you have a listing at 123 main st. Do you know by any chance if the owner  will consider selling the property instead of renting it?   – Be quiet and they will either say “Oh No, not really. The owner is just purchased the house and he planned to renting it out and He has no interest in selling it.

***Flip the script if not – Do you know if he is looking to add properties to his portfolio. I am happy to pay referral if you are your buyer buy one of of my deals (What is in it for them) I am actually a Wholesaler. I have deals at a discount in this area all the time. I will be happy to pay you a referral fee. – If they say yes, absolutely I want to work with you. Actually I have more landlords that are looking to buy more properties in the area. You take their information down. Take their name, email address and phone numbers and add them to your buyers list or property managers list in podio or whatever crm you use. Keep in touch with them. You can add value or say “ I have found an article and you may find it interesting”. Keep in touch with them every two weeks or so. Make sure they know who you are. Maybe at the time that you are going to reach out to them. They will not have anything available but once they do they need to remember you and how to reach to you. That is why property managers are super, super important to your Virtual Wholesaling Business and definitely pick up the phone and reach out to them.

***Add them to your Buyers list in Podio

Hope this tip is helpful!