Hey guys! This is Haim Mamane Palman, the Virtual Wholesaler Guy.

I just want to shoot a quick video to show you a recent deal that I did from start to finish. So hopefully it will be helpful for you to see its process. I would try to do this video in six to seven minutes, so let’s start!

So, this is the deal right in the video where I showed my Podio real quick. The deal came in about a month ago on February 22nd. The address of the property was Rebogateway Campaign. So I sent 1699 pieces of two different postcards for this campaign. The first one was a printed branded white postcard while the second was a handwritten postcard. The first one was just in yellow with a very basic message—nothing fancy. I made them with Yellow Letter HQ. I had an example plug for my friend, Todd is shown in the video. Their property was a nice brick house with three bedrooms and one bath. The challenge with this property was that it was on almost one and a half acres.

I wasn’t sure if it was a deal or not but, we locked it under contract at $70,000 and we sold it on the same day for $87,000. It was a very quick deal. With two mailings that cost us $611,  this campaign got us 35 calls, 26 leads, and 2% response rate, which is great. We got 6 appointments which cost us about a $100 per appointment but we made $17,000 in this deal. So for every dollar we spent, we made $27 back. That’s a great campaign.  But I also had a campaign that was terrible overall. Although it made three dollars for every dollar I spent, it didn’t have a lot of success with mailings, unlike the Rebogateway Campaign.

This is not to say that every $1700 postcard that you will mail, you will get a deal, but the key is that you need to mail often. Again, it’s all about numbers game— mail as often as you can and send as many postcards as you can to increase your chances of closing a great deal. As you can see in the video, I have different lists that I mail to. I think I got lucky on the Rebogateway deal. They got a nice property a simple postcard and that’s it—the deal closed.

You can see the record of the deal online. Go to Zillow, search the address of the property–1406 Sycamore, then go to public records. You can see the new owner of the property, its record as well as its Sales Data. So there’s the purchase price of $70,000, that we closed on March 20th, and there was an assignment of contract that’s why you don’t see that I sold it for $87,000. You would only see the purchase price on the contract. So that’s also another tip when you look at comps, sometimes the purchase price would be the contract price. So you need the facts in the assignments.

That’s the deal from start to finish. It was a good deal. We looked at Podio, and then we went to see the appointment app. From there, we sent it to the offers, to a whiteboard and to deal showing, and that’s pretty much from start to finish. That’s how everything went. The deal started with mailer for the Rebogateway list which is very numbers specific. So I know that some people have great success with Rebogateway and some people don’t. All you need to do is to test, send the matters and hopefully, you will have success with it. So hopefully, you enjoyed this virtual wholesaling real estate video. I just wanted to show you a deal from start to finish.

My name is Haim Mamane. Signing off, see you next time.