Hi guys! This is Haim Mamane Palman, the virtual wholesaler guy. I just want to share this video to show you how to be strategic with placing with bandit signs.

Obviously, you just don’t want to put bandit signs all over the place without being strategic about it so, a cool way to do it is to A, you want to know where is most of the cash transaction in the specific zip codes and you can get this list from a system like “Find Cash Buyers Now” or just simply go to REIsource and just get a list of recent cash transaction in a specific zip code.

So, once you have this list in Excel file source or C.S.V file, you can go to my maps in Google.

What you want to do is to create a new map and from here, you basically want to import this C.S.V. files with all the cash transactions. And what you want to make sure is that you have their property location and not the cash buyers address. I would just drag and drop the file here; this is for the zip code for Memphis Tennessee 38141 and here you want to make sure, you put their property address, property city, property state, and property zip. This is what you want the marks to be on the map. So it will import the data and will place pins on the map that you’ll see in a second.

As I want to choose a color to title your marker and I will choose just cash buyer name and click finish. Upload all the data points on a map. So this is where my cash buyers purchased properties is from here, you can just be very strategic of where you place your signs, lets pick these neighborhoods where they say there is a few transactions here so, if you click on it, you’ll see that this is the address, this is the buyer and that’s the buyer’s address. But what I wanna do here, I want to look at major junctions here to place my sign, so, a good place just to get this area will be this.

So you want to add a new layer first, and just click on this pin, and place the location of the sign and you can call it sign 1 and you want to change the color to yellow. So all the yellows will be my signs in other places maybe, will be here. So let’s just add another pin and place it here, change the color to yellow, call it sign 2, maybe we put it here as well. Just kind of ambush all this area with signs because this is my cash buyers buy, so, if I get the deal in this area I know that would be easier for me to get rid of it. Another one, you can add one more here, change the color.

And just keep going and place in the signs in strategic locations. Here,.. and what you want, you can share this, you can just copy the link and share it with your sign place area or person on the ground that will place the sign and a good way to track its suite.

A Software that’s called “Simple Crew”. So simple crew is basically an app that you person on the ground will take pictures with the phone and you’ll be able to see the G.P.S. and the exact location of the signs. Just want to show you a view so that’s my iPhone, so, you can see this simple crew, so, again this is my company name and the person on the ground would be invited, so, I would call this one 38141 and let’s assume that, I will take a picture of this, so, this is the bandit sign. After you place the bandit signs, they will take a picture of it, they can use it, put it to comment on their location and they name it ‘Center Streets and submit it to what it’s going to do, it  will upload it to the platform and it also put a location so you see once you click on it, you’ll see a picture of the sign, obviously, pretend that this is the sign because I just took this picture from the phone.

So, after a bunch of signs, again, this is a sample you will be able to see all the locations of the signs on the map, and this is how it looks like on the desktop version. You can get all the locations of the signs and then you can export it to another excel file and create another layer here, and then you’ll see the exact actual location of the person who decides and obviously you can pay them only after you confirm that the signs have been placed in the locations that you want.

So, this is just a strategic way to place bandit signs and to make sure you target their very specific areas, so you can ambush and attract sellers to give you a call because you know that there are red dots and pins here, buyers that wants to buy more of the active buyers to buy properties, and this is a specific zip code and hopefully to help you to do more deal.

Hope you like this video, this is Haim Mamane Palman, the strategic, not strategic, the Strategic host guy is Marcus my friend. I’m the VIRTUAL WHOLESALER GUY, so, like the page share with others and hopefully you find information valuable to you. Bye.