Hey guys, just want to should this quick video for you about my very dog system that I wasn’t able to share with you, too much detail because I couldn’t share the screen, so what I have the bird dog that basically drives the neighborhood where there is a lot of cash.

Transactions and I ask him to take pictures of any vacant property or any property with signs of distress.

And I ask him to take a picture of the simple crew, so these campaigns for each ZIP code, where I want him to take pictures and he will go to, let’s say if you drive the neighborhood of three eight one one six.

Anytime, you will see a property we take a picture of his phone.

And it will be populated with simple crew and I’ll be able to see where the property is on the map so like so and I paying two bucks per lead and obviously this is negotiable if you’re in a higher in market and you want to pay a higher price to feel free to do so a but after he sees the property there, he will go to a Podio and Podio he has a web form where he will lead to.

Open Podio with quickly for you here.

So Podio today is an app that is the Bird Dog app and real quick I will go and show you the bird dog app. So there’s a web form he has a link and what he needs to do is he needs to put the address, it put his name and it’ll automatically, we generate a new lead here and he will also will upload the pictures of the property to the app, let me see or the pictures.

So, there you go so this is the pictures that the bird dog took.

So, I can see that there’s a boarded-up property.

So, it’s a qualified lead and also I ask him to take a screenshot of either a Homesnap or Zillow.

Basically just to give you a quick overview that this is a four-bedroom, two-bath assault price.

When it was sold and just kind of know what’s going on, it will automatically generate a Zillow link so I can click on the link and see what’s going on and the next step is VA, basically go to the property do a quick skip trace, get the mailing address of the property, like here and they will go ahead and generate a postcard in click to mail so, I click to mail you can go and just sign in real quick.

And what we do we send a specific mailer that it’s a picture of the property and like this property which is going to get this picture and create a word see where is the easy letter sender so just send an easy letter sender we generate a postcard right here and we will insert the image of the vacant property which is going to upload it.

And I would basically put a text that we want to buy the home will send it to them and we have a very good response rate we got two days under contracts usually this house has a lot of code violations and title issues but still, there are good leads, that you can generate a very low cost and usually there is not too much competition on it because the sellers don’t get a bunch of mailers and postcards from your competitors so just want to share it with you.

Hopefully, we’ll find value in this video and can implement it in your own market good luck.