Hey guys! This is Haim Mamane Palman. The virtual wholesaler guy, I just want to share with you a quick observation. I just was going through my mail after I was in here for eight weeks travelling with my family in Israel and Europe and since I have a few rentals in Memphis. I’m on the absentee owner least for a few wholesalers and also do double closing.

I am also receiving postcards and letters from buyers. So, I just have a chance to just see what people using, what’s working, what’s not working, what got my attention and as you can see this is what I received when I came back, Only postcards. Didn’t receive any letter and you can see the postcards all kind of look the same the same colors you see the the the glossy. Yellow days the handwritten yellow, handwritten pink and hand written white and you have the printed version.

And just want to point out that I didn’t get any letter. Not sure if I would have opened a letter, but I would see the only postcards and all few of these people that sent me this letter doing deals so obviously sending postcards the cheapest way to go and you could get more volume as opposed to doing letter. And I don’t know, you want to stand out because most of these postcards looks the same.  You probably want to try letters to have tried different type of postcard maybe glossy which is not the typical yellow.

Posts cards mixed mix it up make sure you send the one time letter one time postcard because I’m sure that a lot of other absentee owners receive the same type of postcards and all look the same today so try to stand out be different in saying something new. And make things happen I just want to share my observation what other people are sending and to the sellers we all look the same so they probably want to call of the either the person that keeps sending them all that a person stands out or it doing quantic you whenever the way to sell, I think that’s the bottom line get the mail is out, Don’t over analyze, what to send how to send, what to say, just keep sending the mailers and hope that you’ll catch the seller the right time and they will give you a call so hopefully it helps just want to share it with quick observation. In send you mailers and do deals. Thank you.