In this video, I want to show you how to send a text blast to potential buyers once you have a property or a deal available to the market.

I use to send SMS text blast marketing messages.

First, you are going to log in to your account. Go to New Text Broadcast. Then the message would be “Great deal across Lake”. Just copy and paste the address of the property. Something like to grab the attention…. your ad could be written as:

“Killer Deal”, “Only 56.9, 3 bedrooms, 2bath”, “Amazing Deals”. Ads like this capture the attention of your audience.

Then copy and paste the address. If you want just the basic information of the property. You can go and paste the pictures, the property, and the link.

This is the trick you want to shorter, the link because you have a limit of characters allowed. So, just go to google short links and it is the Google URL shortener.

You just need to copy and paste the dropbox link. Then you can get a shorter link. Copy and paste it. Add it to the message box. Put the price “Adding price only 56.9 valued at 85-90 k”. Then add “Call/text 901-602-7874”. That’s about it! You need to click next. Then Choose existing list. Next is Buyers list Memphis. Submit it. Check I agree….. Then continue. Click complete upload. Click next.

If you want to schedule, I usually schedule it to 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Memphis time. So, Here you can schedule it for tomorrow morning and for example at 6:00 am Pacific would be 8:00 Memphis time. After that, Click Set Schedule and then Finalize.

So, that’s it at tomorrow Memphis time this text message will go out.

Hopefully, that will be helpful to you. Like and share this video.