Hey guys! I just want to do a quick video to show you the easiest way on how to send direct mail postcards and mailers using reisource.

This is how to scale your marketing system and generate new leads; it’s fairly simple and cost effective that you can go from market to market. This is the home page of reisource and I just want to show you one list that I mailed to, which is the owner occupied the high equity.

I just purchased a list and I just want to show you the criteria because I usually search by zip codes and some people do it by country codes.  I like to target only the most active zip codes were cash bars are buying.

Property type, I’m doing only one to four units of quad, triplex, and duplexes per single family. I like to put equity by forty percent or higher; I want to put at least five years of ownership; I target fifty five years of age or older; and I only include owner occupied for this specific list.

Obviously, you can do the same with absentee owners but you can get less record. So if you go to the home page, you got geography first and you just need to select your country area or you can do it by country state, by a map, and by zip code. You can copy the most active zip codes and you can paste it here just add and obviously you can do it for any areas that you choose.

The next one is property, you want to do property type first or you can just select the single family residence. I like to remove the condos of this, from my specific markets condos and Tom houses, or leave only that to the next thing. Do property sale date by going to equity and select forty percent or higher. And I like to put nineteen hundred and at least five years of ownership; some people put ten years of ownership.

So, I just put two thousand and six then add the last filter, and put demographics to take individual age. I put fifty five years and older; and most of successful people that I’ve talked to told me that, it’s probably the most important filter, the Senior List,. So once you add that, the last options you want is the owner occupied and exclude trustee, corporate point properties, and include both mailings and complete property address.

So, you don’t have any problem with the mailings and that’s pretty much it, from here you are ready to purchase the list. And again you can put your name if you want to purchase only for specific zip codes, you can do purchase a partial list custom selection by the zip code, and if you want to buy only one zip code you can just select one zip code that you want.

That’s pretty much it, that search gave me six hundred and eighty nine records which are only forty eight dollars. So, I would show you again how to prepare the mailings to, the list to mailings, so you can just create your postcard and send the mailers but that’s pretty much it on how to get a list form using reisource.com