Hi Guys! I am Haim from the Virtual wholesaler Guy.

I just want to share this video to give you few ideas to how you can market deals to potential buyers.  

You always need to have exposure to your deal to as many buyers as possible so you can get the best price per deal.

If you have the Podio you can market the deals to your vip buyers and just send them the details about your deals via Podio. This is one way.

In another way, you can have a facebook page like this one. It is Wholesale Properties in Memphis. You can just post the details here and boost the ad. You can pay 20-30 bucks and it is very targeted to very specific area. I found it a great way to build your buyer list and market deals that you have in a contract to potential buyers. So, Facebook is another way.

If you want to do an email blast with services like Aweber you can do that. Just provide more information about the deal. Put links and videos. You can create a photo collage. So this is another way to email blast using Aweber or services like MailChimp, Icontact or things like that.

Another way to sell a wholesale real estate deal is Textblast with services like Callfire so if you have your buyer’s mobile number you can put together with the address of the property, link with the pictures and asking price. Then, you can blast a text message which is very effective because very few people open email. This is a great way to get a deal out.

Another thing is if you have a website, you can put details on a website. You can drive people to your website by blogpost and things like that.

You can also put it on Craigslist.  This is very cheap. Believe it or not, Still a lot of buyers looking for deals in Craigslist. This is another great way to put your deals out.

Another trick is to contact all the rentals on Zillow. You go to Zillow. Then go to a rental and contact the property manager and the listing agents of these properties and ask them if the landlord of this property would be interested to pick up another deal in the same neighborhood at the wholesale price. This is a great way to find more buyers especially if you have a deal in the area when they purchased a property.

And lastly, the service FindCashBuyersNow. So if you have a property in this area, all the red dots are the people who purchased property in this area. You can click on it and get contact information. You can send them direct mail which is very effective. You can send them a yellow letter or postcard or whatever you want. These people actually bought on this area and they are potentially looking to buy more properties in the same area.

These are the strategies that I used. You can get a lot of exposure with Podio, Facebook, Aweber, Text Blast, Website Craigslist, Zillow, and FindCashBuyersNow. These are all great strategies to use. Hopefully, you like the content of this video. Share it with others. Get more deals in a contract!