Hey guys, this is Haim Mamane Palman, the Virtual wholesaler Guy just shooting another video for you, it’s Friday, and I like to reflect on Friday, and share my experiences from the week with you.

So this is again a very important lesson because I didn’t have a very good week. Marketing wise and I want to share with you because I think its important lesson so. As I mentioned to you in previous videos i truck all of my marketing and the leads and I started the year strong I send.

The last week of 2016 almost 45 hundred mailers, it was postcards, and it was a disaster, got only Six calls From which only three were leads, Which is only point one three percent response rate which is terrible it’s awful, and obviously no deals just got one appointment. Which is not bad given the fact they had only six calls and three leads and. Last week I sent 35 hundred mailers to an absentee owners least and again that’s the money that I spent last week and that’s the previous week. This time after thirty eight calls thirty two of which were leads, and six told me to remove it from the list not interested, or anything like that so that’s a 1.07 response rate which is a little better, and still cause trickling in because the absentee lists are a lot of people haven’t P.O. box so it takes three days for them to get their mail so hopefully these numbers will increase. The number of appointments I think I had the higher numbers.

So this week. I think only three were from absentee owners list. So, you get only three appointments which are again not a great ratio with 10 leads. For every ten leads I got an appointment and so far no deals from this campaign so here’s the lesson and again just want to show you again the corollary if you are wondering so I just read a report for Again this is from the beginning of the year generally first 2017 until today so you can see a 38 first time callers for the absentee owners latest code violation and two it’s out at least it’s running in the background and on occupied again this is the six list that I mention of sending the forty-five hundred letters. I will not send again letters in the last week of the year.

Anyway here’s the lesson so the lesson is that this is the breaking point for a lot of newbies they spend slots to get areas. 27, 28 Hundred. Dollars to three thousand dollars with the list and everything and they didn’t close the deals and the form is ringing but not good leads not good appointments no money coming in and this is the point where most people quit. That’s the people who say that this is what’s good. Doesn’t work and this business is a scam and they just took my money and ran and they quit and they are going back to their nine to five jobs, and that’s it that’s their experience in wholesaling.

And again and when you have a pain point is there when you need to push harder so I just decided I’m just going to increase the mailers next week so I send 42 hundred mailers to another list. Spend more money and I believe that the law of averages will prevail and the cost per lead for now for me its $284 was insanely high for Memphis just because of that disastrous mailing here, and over time the numbers would make sense and I would start to see results because this is seeds, I just planted seeds and maybe they are NOT ready to sell me today but they will after they get another piece of mail for me in four weeks and I would follow up with them. Every other week, and we send them text messages and my late messages to call them again and they would have seven email from me if we haven’t their email and the lesson here is that this business is simple but. It’s not easy it’s hard and you’re not going to see success.

After your first mailer well after having again a coaching call with someone and you just need to grind it out and send more mailers and believe in the process and again if you’re in a more competitive market, maybe to take you six months to get a deal, but it will be a bigger deal I don’t know I just know that over time the numbers work, and I would share with you my results. I start to close deals and book more points because I feel that, I believe in the process. And I have systems in place to follow up and get most of the money down from the follow up this is just the second Millar’s of the year so I can’t get discouraged here and thus I also get good lessons for my kids when it’s hard and when it’s painful this is when you need to push harder, because that’s winning time that’s where everybody quit and only the strong people prevail and when so same lesson here in business again I don’t know when the turnaround point will be but I truly believe that this thing with turn around there are I we will be there I’ll get more calls and book more appointments and I will close more deals because I believe in the process so out that’s it just want to What to do when your response rate is LOW_ share with you my lesson for this week it wasn’t a great week just got one contract but again none of them it’s from this mayor that just hot property that I got. But keep pushing. Keep mailing keep answering the phone call. And return messages and don’t give up because again only the were the weak people give up at this point and don’t push for it so that’s my lesson for the week Have a great weekend enjoy your time with your family and I would see you next time.