The 10 Commandments of a great wholesaler

Being a professional real estate wholesaler is not simple but not easy. After doing over 100 deals in virtual markets and working with wholesalers, buyers and sellers I learned few important lessons that lead me to write these 10 Commandments of a Great Wholesaler:

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Virtual Wholesaling – Mailing Campaign Report

Hello! This is Haim THE Virtual Wholesaler Guy. I want to share with you how to run a mailing campaign report. Obviously, you know the best way to send a business is to send them a mailer. There are ways to generate leads for free. But if you want to take the control...

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What to do when your response rate is LOW in wholesale real estate

Hey guys, this is Haim Mamane Palman, the Virtual wholesaler Guy just shooting another video for you, it’s Friday, and I like to reflect on Friday, and share my experiences from the week with you.

So this is again a very important lesson because I didn’t have a very good week. Marketing wise and I want to share with you because I think its important lesson so. As I mentioned to you in previous videos i truck all of my marketing and the leads and I started the year strong I send.

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