Hey guys! just want to share it quick video with you Guy. This is Haim Mamane Palman . The virtual wholesaler guy and just want to shoot a quick video to show you a tip how you can attract a mode by to your buyers leads.

Cool and quick way to do it is basically using your previous deals when you know that your end buyer got a good deal and made money so use the numbers just to show how attractive the deal was, how great your deals are and if people wants to buy a deal from you they should join your mailing list and just include, just do a video include your landing page when they see the numbers of one of the bikes one of the great deals that you thought and shared with them and ask them that if they want similar deals if they want to be notified they should join your list instead of giving like a generic.

I have wholesale deals that fifty to seventy percent of retail price just give them a specific deal that they can look at for example I just came across this property that I holstered recently because I was just doing research for another property that I want to make an offer on so this deal I the end by solid four hundred and three almost hundred four thousand dollars and if you going to the history you can see that. I put it under contract for thirty five thousand dollars and I signed it for I think six to seven thousand dollars so they purchased the house, this house for me for about  forty one I think.

They probably put in there around thirty grand so if they purchased it for forty one plus thirty, they’re in it about seventy two maybe seventy three with clothing cost and a solid four hundred and three so I’m sure they made like twenty five to thirty thousand dollars so it’s pretty good deal four hundred thousand dollar deal. So just use it just use it for your marketing. Get one of the again maybe a few deals just do a quick video show the numbers and tell potential buyers if you want similar deals to lend me or email or text message just let us know subscribe give us your email address give us your cell numbers and we’re going to reach out to you as soon as we have new deals available to you so you can use it in video on your website but if you want to make it very powerful just put it on Facebook ads include a link under the video to your landing page and again just put some money. Put maybe a hundred bucks to test it see how many new leads coming from your ad and that’s a quick and easy way to generate a lot of potential buyers especially if you target it in Facebook ads with people who to similar interests that are real estate investors. And you’ll see you’ll see a great results and just start to share it with you so hopefully that’s helpful implement it and until next time have a great weekend and I see you next week.