Hey guys! This is Haim the Virtual Wholesaler Guy.

I want to give you tips on how to work with a virtual assistant. So, I want to show you few tools that I use to communicate with my VA. And the one that I use that will help you post on craigslist.

There to communicate there are tools that I really like. One is Skype. You can communicate via video and voice. You can create groups. If you want to communicate with one or more person, you can create a group. If you want to communicate with the entire team. You can do it and you can just create it. If you call on one team so that is great.

You can also record a screencast. The software that I use right now. To record this training, so record the calls with your VA to show them something. If you share the screen, on skype you can go to conversations and do share screens. I can’t share this right now because there is no live call available right now. But if you need to show them on how to do something you can share your screen and then they will see yours. And at the same time, you can record it. The screencast-o-matic is a screen recorder software. You can record it and the VA will have a good reference video or training video that they can go back and work anything. Skype is good I have a group with my acquisitions team and group with the entire team. The share screen video is great!

You can have something with similar to Google Hangouts. Same Idea. This is also a better idea and you can also share the screen. You can also create a group. This is also great to communicate with team members, share screen and recording as well.

Lastly, another great tool that I use is TeamViewer. So, in team viewer, I used this to my VA to post ads on craigslist from the Philippines. What happens from the Philippines is that they go directly from their computer and post it. Today we will have a hard time because craigslist will flag and remove ads. What you have to do is to have a dedicated computer to your house and I will show it to you. So in my left, I purchase it just for this purpose, nobody else touches it. VA can log in from the Philippines and with Team Viewer, I will be logged in to my computer in the US so it will have a US IP address. With that, they will able to go to craigslist and post ads as if they are in the US. Craiglist usually does not flag and remove these ads and your ads will stay longer.

These are my tips. Hopefully, you like it. It is a great way for you to outsource your basic tasks that you don’t like to do. Share and like. share it with your friends.

Again, communicate with your team use Skype, Google Hangout. When you want to share your screen and record it with Screencast-o-matic. If you want a team call, Teamviewer is a great tool and so your VA can be logged in to your US computer and you will have a US IP Address so your ads on craigslist stays right where it is.

Have a great night! Have a great week! Until next time.