I want to share bring you more value about tips and tricks that I do in my business. Hopefully you can implement and apply to your market.

Today I want to show you a cool app I used. I think it’s crucial if you are running a virtual business or simple group. Helpful app if you some people placing signs for you. This is basically a tool to keep them accountable because you want to pay them only if they place a sign. You can buy hundred times and sent it to them. They can just throw it on garbage and say It is done send me the money.

A simple crew is a pretty cool tool. They can take a picture of the sign and place it on the map.

Let me give you an example. For the bandit signs, I have a map that I assigned them to put the signs. They go ahead and everytime they place the signs. They have to take a picture from the app. That is the only way they will get paid. They will get paid based on the number of signs. You can see this is all the signs that they placed. They placed 19 signs here. You can see here on the map . If you logged in and see you click it and that is it. It is a great tool. They get paid by the signs or the number of signs that they placed in your neighborhood. This is a great way to target a very specific area. I am uploading all the cash transactions on the red and on the yellow I think will be the good idea to place the signs. I’ve shared these map on the person on the ground. Then they basically take pictures.

Another good use for this system is that they have very specific zip codes to target. Every specific instructions on what they need or to consider as qualified lead, abandoned or vacant property, overgrown vegetation, these are all leads and everything is on the map. But here I can see exactly where the property is. This is again my iphone. When they logged in, they will go to my company and then they have a list depending on what they are doing to place a signs. So, they would go to their appropriate campaign and here they will start to take picture. I can see from my app what they do. I can also see the map so I can see the target area.

This is a great tool and econoble. It is very helpful for them. They know exactly what to do and very clear instructions and they love it.

Same for the vacant signs they can see it on the app. So, These are all the property that they uploaded. You can see all these properties are vacant. We always want to contact the owner by skip tracing them and sending letters and postcards and email whatever we find the owner to reach out to them if ever they want to sell. So far we have pretty good success. We have barely small number of postcards that we sent. Add a map you can see all location of vacant houses that you can upload. Simple tool and from there we can process the leads and hopefully get some deals. Hopefully this tool will help you. You can use it on your own business. They have a 30 day free trial $49 per month.It’s worth it and my team love it . Hopefully this information will help you grow your business. Hopefully it brings you more deals. Enjoy your weekend guys!