I want to share with you another great tool I use. It is called virtualpostmail.

This is the service that I used to get all the returned mail. Actually, I’m going to check the website to see the returned mail. It’s a great service. For some people, they used UPS store. You don’t want to give your personal address on your mailers but I am a virtual wholesaler and I like to travel. I am spending the summer here in Israel. I still want to run my business and run mailers. It is important to me to view and see all the returned mail.

First, because I want to clean up my list. So, I want to remove the returned mail/address to my list so not to mail them again. Also, Skip tracing is also the task I can delegate to my virtual team so they can clean up the list.

A lot of services and you can also deposit checks. You can deposit it while you are away.

So, this is the browser, the application. There are few options. First I can scan thru the mail and see if there is something that I want to open. Example this one is a test mail that I sent to myself. One of the tools here is Trash mail or Archive images or just trash mail and delete images.

So, Okay this one, I don’t what is inside. I can’t see without asking the company to scan the images for me. Before that, one of the options is to move to Ship Post. If this letter is what I am expecting and I know this person and he is sending me a check and I want to get the actual check I can just click ship post and then the actual mailer will send it to my personal address.
That is one option that I can use. The one that I mostly use is the one right here. It is “open mail and scan pages”. On this one I want to open and see what is inside, so i will just click open mail and scan. Then it will add to my pending scan. It will take 24 hours for the company to open the letters and scan and update my account. The mailers that they actually open like this, I can just click on it and it will open the letter. One is the envelope and one is the actual letter. You can read and review what it is. So this is the people we want a response. They want to sell their property and want me to send a written offer to them.

This is just an example and usually, a lot of people will take the time to write to me and take them off the list. So again stop future solicitation. It happens a lot.

What my team can do is that they can take the address and go to the excel spreadsheet and delete and update it. Or if it is a returned mail and we want to skip trace like the services TLO and they can do skip tracing and give me an update on the results.

This is a cool tip that I use. The Virtualpostmail. Check you returned mail or your mail in general while you are away traveling and with your family having a good time.

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